Monday, November 30, 2009

Where else can we find the light?

 "To lead others out of the darkness, let them see your light."
-Our daily bread

     I think most of us have been asking ourselves if the world we're living in still have a chance of renewing itself into a place we're dreaming it to become. Probably others have already stopped asking questions about hope and peace. I just feel like, nowadays people have found new things to focus on other than something they're not sure they can achieve. Modernization have molded our minds and changed what we think and how we look at life. We no longer keep ourselves aware of what we can do as an individual for the world rather we keep ourselves updated of the must-haves the material world can give. We choose to go to the path where we can see clearly where we're going instead of the path where its covered with darkness, we call it "practicality" but is it through practicality that we learned how to be strong as a person? Is it through practicality that we learned how to be self-less? Is it through practicality that we learned how to understand others?

     Given all the tragic happenings from different places, poverty, crimes and corruption that slowly eats our hope of having a better place to live, there seems no hope to appear so we'd rather live the way this modern time tell us to live and we do nothing but complain about what we don't like to happen and demand for something we want. Others continue to search to find their happiness and peace and dream to just be away from everything.

     However, we should ask ourselves where else can we find the light we used to look for but here and only here in the place we're standing on. The face of the world has totally changed through the actions and decisions we made ourselves but its also through our actions that we can change it back to what it should've been. The piece of light is within us. If we could just lit that light again then we can show it to others and show them that it's not over yet till its over. Everything good that happens starts with someone. So start now and act. Even the simplest of actions can light up someone.

"You are the light of the world"
Matthew 5:14