Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I questioned my heart, the answer was never set
It's about a feeling I had when our eyes met
I got myself on the bus and the thought vanished
Into the thin air it goes as confusion diminished

Looking outside the window I suddenly felt
Flames flowing within my veins that made my heart melt
I was completely clueless of what was happening
Tried to battle the force but I was not winning

At the end I had no chance so I let it go
It made me feel its a friend and not a foe
For the very first time it has come to my mind
Was it love or fantasy which makes things intertwine

I walked on as my shadow blends with the dark night
And realized I was no longer in a fight
Turned the keys and I was ready to rest my head
Dropped my bag on the floor and went straight to my bed

There was peace and silence at that moment in time
Drew a smile and savoured this feeling of mine
For a minute I wished this would last forever
A memory that I will always remember

The feeling stepped in as a wonderful surprise
As if a box with treats that came up with no price
Mystery was there but attention was not paid
I wanted it to stay and my decision was made

The feeling was afloat as I bid my goodbye
To an interesting day while I give a sigh
A sigh of true joy;a sigh of inspiration
A sigh of desire;a sigh of motivation

                                              -ers :)