Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Crappy Reality

A few weeks before the summer season stepped into the country, I already visualized how my summer experience would exactly turn out. The final picture wasn't as exciting and fun as I wanted it to be though. I guess that was what being realistic is all about and sometimes reality is nothing but a piece of crap.


There I am, lying on a white satiny sand with a cold mango smoothie in my hand. My sleeveless shirt with a shark printed on it that says "Bite Me" matches my board shorts with bright colors, probably shouting "It's Summertime!". While the sea breeze gently massages my skin, burger patties are on the grill, releasing a mouth-watering aroma that tickles the hungry. The symphony of the ocean water created through its irrepressible brush against the sand couldn't sound any better.  I took a sip of my ice cold smoothie whilst I slowly close my eyes to enjoy every second of this one in a million moment in my life.


There I am, lying on my not so velvety bed with a flowery bed sheet (mother's choice) that is slightly messed up caused by my relentless pursuit for a comfortable napping position. My sleeveless shirt with a fading print on it matches my shorts with a pale shade of blue, probably shouting "I'm Bored!". While a gust from nowhere abruptly disturbs the stillness of my room's window curtains, I am profusely sweating making me feel sticky. The symphony of cars and tricycles that my ears tried to ignore couldn't be more annoying. I took a glass of ice cold water whilst I slowly close my eyes and sincerely pray for a miracle. 


That's why reality sometimes is as crappy as a dog poop. It usually goes against what you really prefer.

Anyway, I may not have had fun this summer season but I am really looking forward to the new semester. I can't wait to meet new people, study new subjects and be a busy hardworking student again. But for now, I'm going to try to relish the remaining weeks of summertime and hopefully do something fun and memorable before the first semester kicks in.


  1. Ah, come on now.....It's always summer in the Philippines! At least it was when I worked there and in South East Asia!

    Hello to you and again thanks for the visit! I left a comment about Idol on your Idol post!


    1. yeah i know, it wasn't usually hot in here. it depends on the season but I guess things change because of climate change.

      and thanks for the comment.

      : )

  2. You remind me of my early posts in your a contemplative-like writing and construction of sentences :) Hehe~ Thanks for dropping by! It's good that you are getting hyped and all for the coming semester :)

  3. Hi Ers! Salamat sa pagbisita sa aking munting aklatan :)Same predicament here, summer is almost over :(

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  6. Very nice writing here. I love how you compared the fantasy side and the reality side. I hope you are doing good. Nice meeting you.