Saturday, November 2, 2013

I'm back: Still me but wiser

If I could tell you how I'm doing right now just by showing one picture, I'd pick this one. I know I have shoved my web space into the corner for too long but my blog being on hiatus for a couple of months have good reasons. First of all, finishing the second to the last semester of my college life wasn't a walk in the park. I couldn't steal free time to relax for a minute, I couldn't catch up with the new episodes of Modern Family, or even get a moment to write something on my blog. 

My thesis class was a pain in the head, there was a stage play that needed to be performed, a variety show (where I humiliated myself by dancing), and major exams that I needed to pass. 

They all caused pain but along with the hardships, I must say that I filled my bag with so many lessons worth-keeping.

Be mindful of the present

A busy day means a busy mind and body and sometimes when our hands get too occupied, we lose our sense of the present and by losing our sense of the present, I also meant we tend to detach our minds with the valuable things we have.

Let me give my cell phone as a good example. The phone that I have landed into my hands because of the hard work I did last summer. I busted my brain out writing articles about hotels, apartments, lawn mowers, kitchen appliances, make-up, and some other stuff I wasn't even familiar with in order to earn money for a new phone. And the satisfaction I got from being able to by the phone was priceless. I didn't buy it for someone else to take advantage of. Unfortunately, someone did take advantage of it. 

It was during a presentation in one of my classes that my phone was stolen. I had this habit of losing my peace of mind whenever my nerves become unruly. When it was stolen by another student, my friends and I tried to get the phone back on the same day the phone was stolen but we never did. The presentation was a success and yes I was happy about that but it wasn't the cure for what I was feeling at the moment when I finally convinced myself that I'd never get my phone back.

After a few days with the help of a friend and a professor of mine, we were able to track the culprit. I was able to retrieve my phone. I complained about the phone settings being changed but hey, at the end of the day, I've never been so thankful in my life. What's the lesson here ladies and gentlemen? Don't buy a nice phone. Stick with the classic phones if you can. Thieves don't like them, they like the more sophisticated ones. Just kidding. The real lesson here is do the best you can to be mindful of the present (got it from Yoda). Don't get swallowed by pressure and your nerves, enjoy every second that passes you by, and guard your possessions wherever you are.

There's great power in optimism

People have different sources of optimism. As for me, my optimism comes from my faith in God and my belief in the law of attraction. I have proven that with a big faith in God and in myself, there's no mountain too tall to be conquered. There were moments in the last semester that I thought the curtains were finally going to fall down on me but they didn't. I don't know how all things turned out well in the end because everything seemed to crash down on me all at once. All I know is that I kept the faith and I kept moving forward. I tried to enjoy the journey as well. I didn't want to let each day pass by while all the pain and stress eat my happiness away. I still wanted to enjoy my life like what every human being should.

Time management does help

I know time management has been advised by a lot of successful people and I've tried it the first time I heard about it. I didn't really get into the flow the first time. I still remained scattered and disorganized after a few weeks of carrying a planner with me. It took a little bit of getting used-to but when I got a hang of it, it really paid off. I was able to do more productive things, I was able to remind myself of important things to do, and I was able to make use of my time wisely. Although I'm still not a perfect time manager. There are times when my planner would have several unwritten pages because I didn't write down any tasks I have to do. Yeah, I think it's alright to be lazy sometimes.

I swear, I felt like I've learned a lot after finishing a grueling semester. Looking back at what I've written so far, apparently, I've only learned three. Well, it's better to learn something than nothing, right?

Alright, I'll try remember some and I'll get back to you soon once I get them all together. For now, enjoy life.  Peace!!!!!


  1. wow good for you dahil natapos mo na ang semester na may thesis writing at mga presentations pa at mabuti naman naibalik ang pinaghirapan mong cellphone :)
    (pwede bang magtagalog? hehe)

    yung tatlong lesson na natutunan mo ay dapat ding matutunan ng marami, tulad ko :) lalo na yang time management :)

    welcome back!

    1. thank you. oo naman pwedeng magtagalog.

      thanks for dropping by.


  2. I feel you friend. he he Sa wakas tapos na rin ang paghihirap and along the way there are lessons to be learned as always. Grabe talaga sa school maraming nangunguha ng gamit na hindi sa kanila. Good thing narecover mo pa! Anyway, congrats again to your group. I look forward to more of your blog posts! :)

    1. Thank you so much. Oo nga, eh. Sarap sa feeling na tapos na ang thesis. and yeah, buti nakuha ko pa ung phone. sobrang thankful ko talaga.

      anyway, congrats din at gagadruate ka na! :)