Sunday, April 11, 2010

Life is tough---I have to be TOUGHER

     For the past few weeks, a thought has been straining me. It was formed from a usual introspection I do everytime an unanticipated situation comes out. I actually never expected to make this decision as fast but I guess it's because of the calling need that caused me to take that step without thinking twice. People have looked at me and see the kind of person living the easy life. I get this a lot and I guess it doesn't matter now how irritating it is since I can't stop people from thinking what they want to think. I try to get along with it as hard as I could until at this point that my ears are already numbed. However, like everybody else in this world, I have personal problems too.

     Anyway, I want to keep this short, simple and less dramatic as much as possible. I decided to stop going to school for now. I've made sure that I've given myself time to think about this but not long enough for things to be too late to fix. Before I proceed, I just want to let everyone know that I'm writing this not to get sympathy whatsoever but I just think that it wouldn't be right to just live you guys behind without even letting you know the reason why. First, it was hard for me to cross a different path knowing the fact that I am an unexperienced, naive young lad still haven't completed his plans for the future yet. However, it's something that I really needed to do for the people that are so important to me. It's easier to give up my education than to see the people that I treasure suffer from a problem that I know I could've fixed. I don't want things to be too late and I don't want to regret as well. So as early as now, I'm doing something about these personal problems. I know how important education is but then again things land in our life that we have to make a sacrifice to avoid it from getting worse.

     I never saw myself being so brave enough to make this kind of decision and just so you know, it was me who decided this and nobody from my family forced me to do so. It came from my own free will. 

     What about the computer society??You may be asking. Yes, as much as I want to serve the organization and the whole college of IT, I have to give that up too. I'll be filing my resignation as soon as I have time to do it and also I'll be filing a leave of absence to legally kick myself out of the three-one's list so in short you won't be seeing me for a long time.

     It may be hard to believe but I am happy with the decision I made though I know I have to live a lot of people behind. Wonderful people. I was actually worried at first right after making the decision mostly because of you guys(two-juans but now called three-juans and also the outgoing and incoming officers of CS). I was worried of what will be the reactions of everyone but now I'm taking everything pretty well so far. I am sad and at the same time happy. I am sad because I have to say goodbye and happy because I know that you guys won't stop from fighting for your dreams. I am doing the same thing but just using a different approach. As you may have noticed, the reasonwhy I needed to stop is general. Reasons are actually too personal for me to write so I hope you guys would understand.

     This part is going to be for my thank you's. Thank you guys(three-juan) for being such wonderful people. Each and everyone of you has been part of my life and I couldn't be more thankful for that. I won't forget the ups and the downs of our class and we've proven that problems faced with one group effort and determination can surpass even the highest peak of a mountain. I hope and pray that this year's class will be as stronger, smarter, and more determined to be successful.

     For the outgoing CS officers, thank you guys for being such good friends. You've always reminded me to be myself and to always be strong in every battle. You never lack the right words to say to make me feel better a few of them are  kuya jan and ate mien. Ate monds, ate anavs, and kuya elvin thanks for taking the time to go to my house to hear my side and most especially that time that you paid attention to every reason why I have to stop school. Thanks for always understanding.

     For the incoming officers, I apologize that it has to be this way. I hope you'll understand and as I am a few steps away from living the school I hope that you'll do the best you can to make Computer Society a better-performing organization as we have planned it to be. In the shortest period of time, I've seen you guys show willingness in being part of the organization and in contributing whatever you have in every way you can for the CS and from that I may say that I can already count on you.

     Ate monds and ate joey, you've always been such great friends. You always make me laugh and I apologize for sometimes being hard-head when it comes to meeting the CS responsibilities but I always believe that you understand.

     Thank you guys, all of you. I may not be able to see you for a long time but I know someday, somewhere out there we will be seeing each other again with a myriad of stories to share and I pray when that time comes we all have our stories of success in our pockets for us to tell. It will take a long time before that takes place but I can wait forever. Before I conclude, for everyone's information, I'll be going back to school but not for now. Of course, I want to earn a degree like every college student wants. The right time will come for me.


PS: To erwin and friends, for the past two years of my college life you guys have been sticking up with me. You've always believed in my leadership. We had some tough times but we got through it with flying colors and now erwin and friends is stronger than ever. We also had to face a few goodbyes but I can't believe that I'm going to be the second person that will be living the group and it sucks but I have to do it no matter what. What else can I say to you guys? Just do your best to finish school, always stick to each other and be strong.If you need help, I'm just a facebook or twitter away, alright? 



It was my first time to get involved with cheerleading and all I thought about it was just a pain in the ass but I was wrong when I was able to experience the fun it brought me. The best part of it was the fact that we were determined to bag the championship that we won. One of the best moments of my college life.