Wednesday, September 30, 2009


     It was one of those activities in school that I was excited about because a speech competition such as this will show not only how a group can deliver a speech wonderfully but also showcases their creativity and talent making even the simplest speech into an amazing speech choir performance. For some, they may say a speech choir is just a bunch of people reciting a piece of poem or story but adding color and spice to what we deliver on stage is just one the things we do to put up a great performance.

     It's actually a competition but I'd rather call it a presentation because I believed that what happened that night was more of giving our all to come up with a good show and I should say it was successful. The preparation was tough as we struggle making time for our ourselves, for our assignments and projects and for the rehearsals. It tested our skill on how will we be able to pull everything together without losing our balance. I really felt the pressure when everyone started to brainstorm about what their piece is going to be, when and where will they practice and the props and costumes they will use. Every group showed enthusiasm to the point where they kept secrets and made sure that the other groups won't find out their plans about their performance. It wasn't an easy road to take for us because aside from the preparation, of course, we have a life to live, chores to do, assignments and projects to finish, exams to get ready for and other things to do that make us human.
This speech choir competition is being held annually headed by the director of our university/professor in Speech Communication. This year the President of BSIT II-I wanted it to be bigger and greater as compared to the past years that had passed. So as the Vice president, I tried to help him out in the planning and preparation. We had to make sure that the venue, the sound system, the chairs, tables and food for the judges, and everything that will help us come up with the best atmosphere for the competition are set and ready to go. We had some mishappenings before the day of the presentation but everything went pretty well as we try not to be stumbled by problems. We also encountered misunderstandings. A type of misunderstanding where it was either we die or we live (not literally). I mean we encountered this situation where we thought what we've worked so hard for will all be worthless at the end of the day. However, everything worked out fine and we all worked together to prevent that from happening.
The videos you will watch below were a few of the performers in the Speech Choir Presentation 2009. The performers you're about to witness are my talented classmates.
"Like the Molave" is a piece which gives hope to every Filipino. Telling the people to have the characteristics of the "Molave". Be staunch, resilient and firm in every obstacle along the way. The performers of this piece had shown that good will always win over evil no matter what and even if there's darkness in our every day lives, always remember that even if the sun falls it always rises to brighten up the horizon.
"Peace Not War" is a prominent composition obviously advocating PEACE. It's very inspiring as you read every word and every line of the composition. You could really feel the sincere emotion of the writer. The performers had shown a dramatic interpretation of the piece and successfully conveyed the real message of "Peace Not War".
"REVERSE CREATION", the performers gave me goosebumps as they deliver their hair-raising introduction. I think everyone really paid attention to this piece because of the performers way of delivering it. Just watch and find out.
"The Musical Story" is a fun and entertaining story about four talented musicians. These performers are the champion in the Speech Choir Competition. They wowed the panel of judges as they hit every note and deliver every word from their piece wonderfully. I myself enjoyed as I watch them perform.

PS: I am aware that a lot of you guys are asking for the copy of some of the speech choir pieces. I'm sorry to say but I don't have the copy of most of the pieces. I understand that most of you want to have a copy of PEACE NOT WAR which I don't have. However, I'll try my best to ask my former classmates and see if they still have a copy of it but as of now I don't have it yet. I'm sorry again.


  1. Hi, I was just wondering whether you have the copy of the "Peace Not War" speech? 'Cos I would very much like to try it with my classmates for the speech competition in Brunei. :)

  2. hai!i badly need to have the copy of "peace not war"..i'm going to use it for our final project.. please..

  3. just like the rest, i also would like to take chances of asking you to share your copy of "peace not war" . i am a filipino teacher here in united states. i know that they havent seen or heard that piece before and i know that it is gonna toche the hearts of the americans once they see it performed. i hope this will yield for a favorable response.
    you can e mail to me the copy in this address ;


  5. GOOD DAY Mr Erwin Morillo :)!
    Like the previous viewers of your blog, i would like to request for the piece for speech choir namely, "PEACE NOT WAR". I actually surf the net recently for almost 1 hour but unfortunately i haven't found it. So, I earnestly and really need it badly because we have to perform it as well on our speech class.PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do grant this favor of mine :) send it to

  6. good day, pwede po pahinge ng piece ng the musical story

  7. hi! can you please send me a copy of the
    piece -- "Peace Not War" .. . . ..

    Really need it for our project... .

    here is my e-mail @ yahoo mail... ..


    hope you can give the copy as soon as possible. :]

    good day!