Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A saddening revelation

"I love you."

"I said I love you!", Nick sputtered. He screamed liked the last drop of his patience has finally evaporated into thin air.

His eyes were starting to glitter with tears. He turned his back away from Hannah and looked up to the desolating sky.

He covered his face with his two hands and gave a deep and angry sigh. 

He never likes shouting. He's a calm and soft-spoken man and always resorts to a placid and peaceful discourse to resolve an issue either in his work or in his personal life.

But this time is different. He just couldn't take it anymore. His breathing heavily its as if he was running out of breath. He slowly turned around and made a couple of steps forward.

"Why aren't you answering me?", he softly uttered. "Is it because of another guy?"

"No, Nick. It's not that.", she reluctantly said.

He moved closer and gripped her hands tightly. "Then, what is it?".

She looked away while wearing a mask of guilt all over her face. She bit her lip while struggling to hold her tears from trickling down her cheeks.

"It's...just that....I... feel like....", she stammered.

Nick lifted his left hand and motioned to her cheek. He lightly wiped her tears away and made her look into his eyes.

"Hannah, just tell me, what is it?", Nick said, almost like a whisper. She took a very deep breath and said, "I don't think this is going to work out.".

Hannah began to weep uncontrollably. "I'm sorry Nick but I have to leave." She took her hands off of Nick's and wiped her own tears.

The sun was nowhere to be found and the firmament was gradually painted with grayish ink.

Silence slowly gnawed every bit of noise Nick could hear. The whispers of the leaves of trees, her girlfriend's crying, and the noise of the cars speeding by seemed to have been starred in a silent movie.

The scent of an incoming rain spread like wild fire but how significant was it to hide from the rain when he's now drenched with his own tears?

All he could hear was his heart's thumping and his heavy breathing.

He moved a couple of steps back. He clenched his fist and put it against his lips. His eyes were darted on the ground while trying to put the puzzle pieces together.

He felt his knees slowly getting weak every second. He wanted to let himself fall flat on the ground, hoping that it would wake him up from a nightmare that appeared to be so real.

It was so real he could feel a knife cutting his chest open. "You didn't do anything Nick, it's me. This is all about me." 

"Please don't blame yourself", Hannah declared.

But it didn't do any good to Nick. He was frozen. As frozen as a golden statue that can't be moved by rain or strong winds. He couldn't make up what to say, or how to even react. He watched the love of his life walked away and bid goodbye.

All of a sudden, without thinking twice, he ran as fast as he could towards her before she made it across the other road.

He got her by the arm, pulled her body towards his, and hugged her like he never hugged her before.

"Don't leave me, please." he begged so desperately, sounding like it would kill him if she made another step further.

"Let go of me Nick!", she tried to free herself from Nick's tight grip but she was struggling.

"Don't make this hard for the both of us Nick, please!", she shrieked.

She barely got both her arms out of Nick's grip and managed to push him so hard, Nick plummeted to the ground.

"I don't love you anymore Nick! Is that what you need to hear?", she raved.

Nick tried to get up but his energy looked like its been entirely zapped out of him. The loud thud of the thunder didn't move both of them. The rain began to pour intensely while she gave a hard and cold look at Nick as he wept.

Hannah turned her back away from him and started walking briskly. She made it to the other side of the road and stopped when she stepped on the watery ground.

She turned around to give Nick one last look. Her long curly hair was already soaked and heavy. Her make-up had already been washed up. Her faded blue jeans started to lose its light color as it absorbed water from the rain. 

Her brown velvety skin was peeking through her drenched, almost see-through white printed shirt.

She could hardly see Nick from where she was standing because of the relentless down pour of the sky's tears.  Seemed like the sky is in Nick's favor, she thought.

Hannah could see Nick standing up, sluggishly dragging himself forward. The rain fall and the resonant boom of thunder were making an unpleasant duet. She was about to move away and run as fast as her feet could do when she saw that Nick was about to make it to the middle of the road.

When she was about to move away, she saw a car running in lightning speed going towards Nick. 

Her eyes widened, spelling an impending shock that was about to unfold before her.

She shouted as loud as she could, "Nick! Watch out!". 

Nick swiveled his look to the right and a flashing light blinded his sight.

Before Hannah knew it, Nick was sprawled on the ground, motionless. 


Raindrops continued to pour.

Hannah dashed towards the guy she was about to live behind. She quickly knelt down on the wet pavement that had been turned into a canvass by Nick's blood. 

She carried his cold upper body and frantically wrapped Nick around her arms. She wiped the blood that stained half of Nick's face.

"Nick, wake up.", she uttered with urgency while slapping Nick's face repeatedly but gently.

She kept doing the same gesture over and over again. She caressed Nick's face and wailed at the top of her lungs with the sound of guilt and regret combining.

She screamed his name desperately hoping that it would call his soul back but nothing happened. His lips remained gray and his skin, white and cold.

Nick's dead but she couldn't say it. She couldn't welcome it. She couldn't even bare thinking about it.

She put her hand against Nick's chest. No heartbeat. She wanted to let go of Nick but not this way. 

She could hear a couple of people in the background but she couldn't get what they were saying. Her glum thoughts seemed to have deafened her.

From a distance, a low and blaring voice of a man broke into the sullen scene.


"That's a wrap for today people, good job!".

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  1. Haha. That ending! Amazing! I recommend you post this in Wattpad so more people can read your story and more of your upcoming stories! More! :D

  2. Puede! The best basag trip of the month. Hahaha! Medyo malungkot nga ako ngayon. Binasa ko ito, dalang dala ako ng flow ng story. I could really feel the emotion. All of a sudden shootin pala! At least napatawa ako sa twist ng story! Nice job!

    1. haha! I think that's the best way to describe this post. Basag trip. haha.

      Thanks for your comment.


  3. WOW! Na amazed ako sa story mo pare. Ang galing mong sumulat. You wrote the very sentence with crisp in mind. And the twist was unpreditable. Grabe, i feel the flowing emotion.