Thursday, November 7, 2013

Stop webcam child sex tourism!

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Children should know how to celebrate their life, their youth. They should be outside enjoying what the world has to offer for them. They should be in school molding their minds to become better citizens of the world. However, little do we know, a lot of children all over the world are deprived from those rights. The worst part of it all is that they're being used for self-gratification of selfless and dirty individuals. 

It's good to know that there are people out there who try to put this issue under the international spotlight and pressure the authorities and all those concerned to put a stop to this horrible nightmare that a lot of children are going through. 

While I was checking my Facebook news feeds, I saw my friends posting this YouTube video about a Filipino girl named Sweetie who was able to catch 1,000 pedophiles. My first reaction was, "Woah! That's freakin' awesome! For a young girl to do something like that is unbelievable!". I was at awe while reading the video description. 

I thought the girl was real and for a second I wanted to meet her personally but when I watched the entire video, I found out that Sweetie is simply a product of technology. She's created for one purpose and for one purpose only and that's to catch pedophiles online. I have to say that the idea of putting Sweetie into life is a clever idea. Not only is it clever, it's also an effective trap for people who virtually rape minors online. 

If I could just eliminate this problem by rubbing a magic lamp and asking my genie to do his magic thingy, I'll do it right here, right now without any second thoughts. Unfortunately, I can't. However, I can do something to be part of the solution. 

Right after watching the video, I signed a petition to stop webcam child sex tourism and I beg you guys to do the same. Together, we can stop this on-going problem that's slowly eating the bright future of these children.

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  1. yap. sana nga matigil to kasi maling gamitin ang mga bata (though its fake) para lang kumita ang mga tao walang alam gawin sa buhay