Thursday, December 15, 2011

A conversation with the girl I like

No matter how fast we run to catch a running train, we can never touch it, we can never stop it and we can never outmaneuver it. This is how I see a day that passes before me. I know that each day will continue to get ahead like a train speeding on a railway, so instead of counting the seconds, I count my blessings. Instead of counting the minutes, I count the times I have become a blessing to other people, and instead of counting the hours, I count the times I laugh at life. These thoughts managed to roam around my mind for a few seconds as I looked back at the day and see how I spent it. However, it was weird that I could hardly remember what happened or what I did that day. It's like I woke up one sunny afternoon and found myself wearing my school uniform while walking towards the mall with my friends, going through the same old routine that never gets tired to repeat itself after every class. 

Well, I stopped bothering about how my day went and just convinced myself that it could just be another day blanketed by mediocrity.

I looked around and tried to seek something that will make this day different but I never did. Nothing changed at all. Starbucks was still standing on its same spot, serving the best coffee in the city. The Hotdog On A Stick stand along side the mall building didn't move an inch from the last time I saw it. 

Basically, history did its magic again and made things as if I was living in the past. I think the only difference I noticed was the people I saw that day. Unfamiliar faces minding their own businesses. I looked up in the sky and the sun was nowhere to be found. It was probably somewhere behind the woolly clouds playing another round of hide and seek. 

I like it when the sun plays hide and seek because when I find it lonely as a strayed bird in the heavens, I am sure it will find a way to kill its boredom by burning people's skin. 

There was something weird though, as my friends and I made our way towards the mall's entrance. I felt like everything was in slow motion. I was feeling so well I could do a triathlon so there was no reason for me to be light-headed. I felt like somebody had control over what's happening that he could choose whether to slow down or accelerate things up as he pleased. 

I could barely hear the malls usual combination of sounds from people's conversation to the sounds of footsteps.

I didn't pay attention to what's happening around me but as I  glanced on my left, I saw her.

I became nervous. I deemed I had to do something but I had no idea what. 

Should I approach her and say hi? or maybe pass her way, pretend I didn't see her and see if she would notice me and talk to me. 

She was standing alone and seemed to be waiting for someone.

For a moment, I wished it was me she was thinking about but she didn't even notice me as I took my step on the escalator. It was too late. I gazed at her as if it was going to be the last time I'd see her as the escalator draws distance between us. So, I let the thought go and tried to focus on something else.

To my surprise, I heard a very loud shout saying my name coming from nowhere. It was very clear to me.

I looked down from the second floor and saw her standing from where she was but this time, she's turned to me and her eyes glued on mine.

I didn't quite understand what was happening. 

"No, it wasn't me she's looking at, it's probably someone else", I thought. 

I checked the vicinity and I saw no one else. The area was empty. I looked at my friends to see if they heard someone called my name but they never appeared to notice. They were acting weird that day. They goof around sometimes but that particular day, it wasn't the kind of goofing off they usually do.

I continued to walk with them and next thing I knew, she was behind me. She talked to me and we suddenly made a conversation. I could hardly remember what we talked about but all I know is that it was going to be the best day ever.

I told her what I feel for her but she didn't answer back but instead, she wore that captivating smile. I didn't mind her not responding to my question and gave her a smile back.

All of a sudden, everything turned black, it's as if something forced me to close my eyes. 

For a second, I had no idea where I was. There was no light. Not a tiny single one.

 The light rushed in and darn it! 

I turned up to be on my bed, sleeping the whole time.

Have you ever had that moment in your life where this perfect moment came in and as you were enjoying it, suddenly disappeared into thin air? I hate it when some perfect things only happen in dreams.

When I found out that it was all living in my head, I was saddened. I stared at the ceiling and tried to remember the details of the dream, wishing to continue it if I close my eyes again.


  1. ayyiiieeeeehhh..

    -a close friend :P

  2. Aww... Darn it! Just a dream!

  3. This seemed so real...only if dreams cud turn into reality.

  4. It sure seemed real. You have a real good ability to remember your dreams vividly.