Sunday, May 20, 2012

Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin

Give yourself a minute to take a look around. Take a sight not just at what your eyes can reach but at how far your imagination can go. Imagine the places on the other side of the world. See what's making people busy. Are they happy or are they sad? Tell me, what do you see? For some people, it only takes awareness before they realize that there's something that must be done. Others have to be pushed until they realize the importance of their initiative to make a change.

For Greg Mortenson, it didn't take days or weeks or years before he knew that action must be taken when he found himself in a spiral of problematic chaos in Pakistan and Afghanistan. The apparent hopelessness of people presented itself right before Greg's eyes. In the process of getting to know the villages he stumbled upon and its inhabitants, what really caught his attention and what broke his heart into pieces was the suffering of the educational system and institutions of the people there.

He knew right then and there that a lot of children were more than willing to get an education but their dreams of getting a degree was gradually being crushed by seemingly unavoidable societal issues. He didn't waste a second before he formulated his plan to build schools for the young generation. He didn't waste a second to shower hope upon these people even if that meant risking his life for them. He didn't waste a second to set his personal life aside and put his mission as his top priority. His mission to promote peace and build a better future for the children.

Upon reading this book, I wasn't that much concerned on how the remarkable story of Greg Mortenson will be narrated for as long as the message of hope will come across as clear as the blue sky because I think that's the sole of purpose of having printed the book in the first place. And that is to inspire and give hope especially to those people who think world problems can never be solved anymore. However, I have to say that David Oliver Relin did a very good job in writing Greg's uplifting story. He did write about Greg's life very well which helped me grasped the meaning of Greg's life and the path that he decided to take.

When I got to the ending, the story of Greg Mortenson convinced me more that there is still hope for us despite the persistent predicaments unfolding from left to right. I feel re-energized knowing that there are people out there on the move, doing what they believe is right.

Based on "Three Cups of Tea",  it takes full awareness of the problem backed up by sincere continual action to make a change. 

Haven't read the book yet??? I suggest you give it a try.


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