Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Rain

Under the pouring rain, you brought voice to three silent words
That swept desolation away and so I thanked the Lord
For the care I get from you and the love I can't construe
Forever I will treasure this moment I had with you

Under the pouring rain, you grabbed the chance to touch my face
Your hand was gentle, it sent my heart to a quicker pace
I looked deeply into your eyes and saw bleakness was there
Your tired eyes were filling up with tears I just couldn't bear

Under the pouring rain, your tears raised a question in me
"Is this the end of us?", a question that weakened my knees
Heaven's tears fell harder while I waited for your answer
I gripped your hands tightly hoping it would make me braver

Under the pouring rain, the unwanted truth was revealed
You had to go and leave, a fact that I couldn't perceive
Your words grabbed me around the neck and I just couldn't breathe
I let go of your hands because I could hardly believe

Under the pouring rain, your reasoning deafened my ears
I tried to compose myself but I couldn't hold my tears
They trickled down my cheeks while I struggled to understand
Your despairing farewell that I couldn't take like a man

Under the pouring rain, you stepped back with a heavy sigh
I knew right then and there, it's time for you to bid goodbye
To speak was my goal but to pack your bags was in your soul
So how could I stop you from leaving me here wet and cold?

Under the pouring rain, a life lesson revolved around
Around my head it turned, a love's lesson that's so profound
There's nothing or no one permanent in this world of ours
Even the clouds above and the universe's shining stars

Under the pouring rain, I'm sure I will never forget
The ups and downs we shared and the first time we ever met
Now, I travel alone and I'm scared to find my own way
But with the love we shared, I bet I'll never go astray


     Finally, after wrestling with the romantic and poetic side of me for the past few days, another poem is born. I'm still trying to figure out why I constantly choose love to be the center of all my thoughts in terms of poem writing. If you'll notice, the last poem I came up with is also about love. However, there's a huge difference between the two. The first one talks about love as a feeling or emotion. In that poem, I described the possible reactions of people when they fall in love. Some of it are based on personal experiences which are things meant to be kept only between me and myself.

     However, in this poem that I just wrote, I dwelled on the dark side of love. How would someone feel when the person he or she loves the most suddenly leaves? holding a very good possibility of never coming back. I've never been in such a seemingly desolating situation but what I'm sure of is that it brings nothing but depression.

     The poem narrates how the guy copes with an unexpected ordeal, would he cry over it night after night or would he find his own way, be thankful for the relationship and move on? Would he feel an immeasurable amount of bitterness or would he feel happy despite the fact that he had to let go?

     "The Rain" speaks of how I prefer to look and overcome the given situation. Yes, I may feel hurt, I may curse the world and I may even feel the urge to hate her but at the end of the day, I will always be reminded of the best times we shared together and that's something that can never walk away from me.

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