Sunday, January 17, 2010

I am defying gravity

I'm defying gravity in terms of....LEADERSHIP

     I mentioned before about this decision I had to make. A decision that could either destroy or make me. Well, after all the sleepless nights, I've finally made up my mind. People around me have been waiting for it and one day they just couldn't wait for an answer and asked me about my decision. 

     I will run as the President of the Computer Society in my school. It actually took a long time for me to make up my mind even if my friends were telling me to go ahead and just do it. They have this indefatigable belief that I have what it takes to run the organization and everytime that topic is brought about they never failed to remind me about the move I have to make. I've been weighing the pros and cons if whether I say yes or no. In economics, they use this term called "opportunity cost", this refers to the result of the choice you selected from among the options you have. So, the opportunity cost of deciding to run as the president of that organization is that I'll be able to develop my leadership skill, continue my passion and most importantly, lead the members of the Computer Society to the peak of success we've been dreaming to be. I mean, excluding the present administration, the Computer Society is not doing pretty well when it comes to performance. I don't mean to blame the officers for the failure because I've witnessed the major lack of unity and cooperation on the part of the students themselves. They'd rather do things themselves rather than accomplish tasks with the people studying under the same roof as they do. One of the million problems being faced by the CS.

     To reach the peak of success is not easy as it may sound, it doesn't even sound easy when you say it yourself. I mean it takes a lot of effort, perseverance and determination to achieve that goal. In addition to that, it doesn't take a year of service and leadership to achieve a big goal such as what I've mentioned but there's one thing I can be sure of, I'll do the very best I can to carry the organization one step at a time towards success. That reminds me about a famous quote which I don't know where I got or probably I just heard of but it says about a thousand mile journey begins with a single step. If I win the election and finished my term without a lot of accomplishments, it doesn't necessarily mean I didn't succeed. I only made the single step and for sure I must have gotten through a lot to be able to take that single step. It's up to the next batch of administration to continue the journey.

    I'm also aware of the fact that every decision comes consequences along with it. I was open to what people say and what I've been hearing so far sounds a bit scary. They've been telling me that carrying a load of huge responsibility and maintaining a good performance in school is one heck of a job to do. It reminded me of the quote "You can't serve two masters at the same time" but I'm still convincing myself that the quote doesn't apply at all times. I believe that I should just know two basic things when living a life of big responsibilities and its managing my time well and avoid procrastinating. I just hope that what road I took will not err me to a place I will regret forever in my life. It's one of the biggest challenges I accepted yet. I am defying gravity this year.

I am defying gravity in terms of....GETTING A JOB THIS SUMMER

     I'm in the legal age now to get a job and being 18 for me is getting half of my independence. However planning to get a job this summmer is not about exercising my independence. Well, it's already a given fact that I'm mature enough to apply for a job, earn money to pay for my school fee and give some to my parents. Reasons that motivated me to get a use of myself this summer. I don't want history to repeat itself. For the past few summers that had gone, I've been living in the world of mediocrity. I was like a futile fat lad staying at home doing absolutely nothing at all. 

    My bestfriend wants me to apply to the agency he's working in as a call center agent. He got accepted and he will be starting his first day of work next week. He told me that I can pass the tests and the interview. He believes in my ability so much that he thinks I'm better than him when it comes to writing and spoken communication. Someone who graduated as a valedictorian in high school wouldn't say such statement but my this person is different. Anyway, I accepted his offer and before this last semester ends, I'll be preparing my resume to apply. It will be my first, and every first's shakes my nerves but I am defying gravity this year so I'm going to shake everything off that will stop me from doing what I planned to do.

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