Friday, December 25, 2009


A post I should've written a long time ago.

It has been believed by a lot, that a person has the right to say whatever he feels towards someone or something. Because of this given right, we learned to judge the people around us.

We judge the person sitting right next to us on a bus. We judge that lady in our neighborhood who lives alone in her house for years. We judge the people we see on TV and we tell them how they should live their lives, how skinny they should be for you to complement them with the word "beautiful". We judge someone by simply liking something that most members of the society don't like. We judge someone by where he comes from or by the color of his skin. We mostly judge people even if we hardly know them. We judge them by what our eyes see but we know to ourselves that our eyes can't see through the life of a person.

Yeah I know, this has been an issue for so long and you think that nothing can end the issue by simply writing a post such as this.

I will no longer remind you that judging a person positively or negatively is bad. Actually, you can judge me right now and tell me how sick and stupid this post is, that is if you want to. Yes, you've read that right, you don't have to go back to that part again.

Because I'm sure of one thing, I have done something great for myself and for others because I was able to speak in behalf of those people who still haven't gotten the voice to speak out. I was brave enough to be honest and loud and I know that nobody even gives their time to read any of my posts right now but I believe that I have written something that others will come across someday. Maybe not now, not tomorrow or the day after tomorrow but in the right time, I know it will happen.

I've been brutally judged by people because my country has been judged also.

People have layed all the offensive jokes they can say and I hope they received something beneficial out of that ruthless act.

I just don't get it, really. Someone would cross the line to get what?? Fame??? Money??? happiness??? a good laugh??? what???

I remember this stand up comedian being interviewed in an entertainment news show. He was asked if Conan O' Brian had crossed the line of making fun of this celebrity having weight issues. He was on the side of his co-comedian. He was asking what else can he do if that person was giving him something to make a joke about. He emphasized his job being a comedian and he had nothing else to do but make jokes out of people regardless of how hurtful it may turn out to the person he is pertaining to. Well, is he saying that when someone offers you a box of pizza and it just so happen that it's your favorite, you have no choice but to say "YES!"???? We're very much aware that we can always say no to any offer. It always depends on how we make our decision.

I have an answer for that "What else can I do???" question. Well, I tell you what you can do, you can hold your tongue back and find something else to joke about without hurting somebody else's feelings and since you are a very talented comedian you can still make jokes and make people laugh without crossing the line. I believe through that, your audience will increase in number and will be looking forward to your future antics.

Whew!My goodness, finally got that rock out of my lungs. It was making my breathing hard.

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