Thursday, July 29, 2010

A blindfolded life

     I've seen and met people who never in their lives saw light. Having to actually meet them makes me wonder how it feels like to fill in their shoes and live my life seeing nothing but an empty space. I tried  to imagine myself not having the gift of eyesight and doing so gives me scares. It's the last thing that I want to happen in my life. However, if I was really blind for the rest of my life then I would definitely miss seeing a lot of things. First, I would miss my loved one's faces. I will no longer see their smile if I crack a joke. I will no longer see them put their happy faces on everytime we watch funny shows on tv and I will no longer have the ability to look to their eyes and find their true feelings inside. Second of all, I would miss watching tv. Television has always been a very good friend of mine. It shows me MTV if I feel like watching music videos. It offers me TV Patrol if I want to see reality or if I simply want to get a good laugh then it lets me see Homer Simpson on its screen. Being blind for the rest of my life takes away my choice of entertainment.

     I would also miss reading books. Reading for me is like having tv in my head. I get to create the actions and characters in my mind and set them to motions. Perhaps, my personal computer at home would be as useless as a rock on the ground since I'm the only one who uses it other than my dad who turns on the PC only to check his email. Going outdoors would be something that I'll be least interested of doing. What is there to appreciate outside if you were blind. There's nothing to see, nothing to appreciate, not even a tiny speck of dust. I would miss the simplest of things around me. Our two dogs, who always greet me by barking up at me. I would even miss the things that I don't pay attention to when I can still see like the faces of our not-so-friendly neighbors.

     In a nutshell, being blind is like cutting half of your chances to live the life you want to be. Cutting half of your dreams and goals and worst cutting half of your desire to be happy.

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