Saturday, May 21, 2011

Something you don't see everyday when you jog in the morning

"Dogs are man's best friend but the worst enemies of STRANGERS"

Ok, so I have started to get back to my daily routine of jogging early in the morning so as to be back in shape.

Having these extra pounds have done nothing but contribute inconvenience to my life.

I have been doing this for a week now and I am glad to say that I have already lost 5 lbs so far just by maintaining a balanced diet and good exercise.

Yeah I know its a cliche but let me tell you, it WORKS!

Anyway, this isn't about me shedding pounds off my body.

It is about something funny that happened this morning.

So, this morning was like any other mornings.

Cold wind with a bit of humidity in the air.

Same faces.

Same houses.

Same route.

With my MP4 at hand, I started to warm up by walking.

I finished one lap by a 10 minute run without stopping.

As usual, I was profusely sweating like a pig.

I was trying to catch my breath like an exhausted horse.

Ok, so that was something usual but when I was near a place where cabs are parked and cab drivers get ready for another day, something took place that I never thought would happen right in front of my eyes.

These cab drivers own dogs. I think they have three dogs and they let them out every morning to do dog stuffs.

The dogs don't mind me passing by every morning.

Other than my sweat which they could probably smell when I pass by, I guess they have smelled me to be someone harmless and thought of me to be a "MIND-MY-OWN-BUSINESS" kind of guy.

However, it's something completely different when this lady who seemed to have just got off bed, wearing a shirt and jogging pants was walking passed the cab place.

I was on the right side of the street and she was on the other side.

As she was walking, she didn't know that there was a dog behind, following her.

All of a sudden, the dog barked loudly at her for some reason.

It was not an angry bark, it was sort of a calling bark. You know, when a dog wants to get your attention.

She looked back in shock and saw there was the dog.

In just a few seconds after finding out that it was her whom the dog is barking at she ran as fast as she could and went around a cab near her.

Of course the dog chased her!!

The lady kept running around the cab while screaming on top of her voice with an obvious fear written all over her face  as the dog kept running for her.

They ran around the cab in circles for a few seconds.

I was about to burst in laughter because I only saw those kind of scenes on TV.

It was classic comedy.

One cab driver tried stopping the dog by calling him but it didn't work.

The lady cut the chase by taking the sidewalk to completely get herself away from the dog who seemed to look like he just wanted to run with the lady but not actually bite her or something.

However, since she just got off bed, she was not able to lift her feet that high to be on a higher ground.

So....she tripped and dived onto the ground filled with sand and dust.

Her body went flat on the ground and the sound of her fall was loud and clear.


I was doing the best I can not to laugh at the very moment I saw her dive into the ground coz I know it will be mean.

I was not close enough to help her get back up and I was thinking if I draw near her, it will be my turn to be the dog's playmate.

So I was walking slowly on the opposite side of the street to see what will happen next.

The dog stopped running when he saw the lady fell.

I heard the dog say, "I thought you wanted to run so I just wanted to accompany you." LMFAO! :D

The lady got up with an apparent anger on her face. She shouted at the cab drivers and said in Tagalog "Ano ba yang mga asong yan?!!!" (what's up with your dogs??!!!). I think she said this a couple of times and just decided to walk away.

The cab drivers didn't utter a single word.

I didn't see where the dog went after that, I think he was somewhere near the cab where they ran around and was just watching as the lady walked away.

The lady went pass a guy who sells newspapers. She said to the newspaper guy, "Dapat sa mga asong yan, pinapatay, eh!" (those dogs should be killed!).

O...k...I understand her anger but killing dogs wouldn't really do it.

But I think she didn't mean that or did she???

Yeah, I know, maybe she said that because of the humiliation and the anger she felt at the time.

There were only a few witnesses of the incident anyway. It was me, the dogs, and five or six drivers who were there. hahaha.

When I was far from the scene of the incident, I started laughing my heart out.

I know I should not laugh at her, it wouldn't be nice if it was me who went into that kind of ordeal but hey! I am human, I laugh when I see something funny.

And besides, I don't get to see that everyday, do I???

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