Friday, January 6, 2012

When his tears fell

     When his tears fell, the man sitting on cloud nine seemed to have become a fallen angel from the bright firmament of the earth. He was comfortably resting on his bed, turned to his door while earphones plugged into his ears. He was aware of the deafening silence despite the music playing on his head. The bleakness of the night crept all over his body as his room shaded pitch-dark led him to recall the last time tears wet his face. As fragments of the past and frustrations of today flashed before his eyes, his tears ran down like bullets. He was sad, upset and most probably depressed. All these emotions compressed into a ball, rolling into an endless platform in his chest.

     It was weird though because at that point, he didn't think of ceasing his tears. He decided to let it flow as if it would ran out in a few seconds. For some reason, his tears continued to fall and then I realized, he wanted to sob. He found himself helpless for a moment and figured, maybe, shedding his tears was the only way to rid himself from misery. At his best, he tried to recall the last time he cried, but as he wiped his tears away, his energy to think came along with it. His left hand felt the tears and they were as cold as ice. Nevertheless, what his feeling could never get any colder.

     When his tears fell,  he felt as lonely as the only man living on earth. No friends. No family. Just himself against the empty world. Thoughts of getting rich or powerful came into play but were quickly devoured by logic subsequently reinforcing  the heaviness in his head.

    When his tears fell, he prayed. He thanked God for the blessings and for the tears. He believed that tears are symbolic representations of a human being's emotions. If a man doesn't cry, therefore, he doesn't have an emotion. A man may cry because of happiness, sadness or fear. He was talking to God like he was his friend. His best friend. It never hit his mind to utter a complaint because he made a vow. A vow to never blame God for any cause of his grief.

     When his tears fell, time froze. Normally, he would look forward to the next day and what awaits him, but this time, tomorrow appeared to be insignificant as if it didn't have any value to him at all.

     When his tears fell, every song playing to his ears were the saddest songs as if they were composed to flood tears in his eyes.

     When his tears fell, the world stopped for a minute giving him time to evaluate his life, to see how far he has gone and to look at who he has become. He wished he could take a picture and show it to people. To finally unmask his face and let them know what truly goes through his mind and what is really behind that smile. Another set of tears came rolling down as reality hit him. He realized a sad truth. The truth that he couldn't make people care.

     His last tear dropped as the night brought him to sleep. His eyes were tired and so as his brain but there was a feeling of peace somewhere in his heart. A relaxing silence that drew a smile on his face. His body was resting but his mind was still running. After riding the roller coaster of emotions, he was happy. Despite a few realizations, he knew he had to continue to live until the higher power gives him the red light to stop. Life really is a battlefield, he thought, and crying is one way of healing one's wounds taken from battle.

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