Thursday, December 24, 2009

Into a conversation

  I just received a text from a friend. I’m not sure who he is but at this point I guess his name doesn't matter. He texted me about a conversation happened between Santa Claus and Jesus. Of course, I know that this conversation never really happened in real life. Someone just thought of making this up to convey a message like any other quotes we receive from a friend, trying to boost our confidence to live our life to the fullest, reminding us to live a positive life. However, its not like any other messages we receive from day to day. It's more than living life in the right way we can. This time it's not about us. 

 Santa greeted Jesus a happy birthday. Despite the happy greeting he received, Jesus replied a sad thank you with a sad smile along with it. Santa asked why, probably wondering Jesus's feeling despite a very important occasion. Jesus replied, “Coz everytime I celebrate my birthday, people would always look forward to you”.

 Yeah, this conversation never happened before and yeah! someone made the plot of the story and made sure it would fit the message he wanted to convey. It's a piece of cake to make stories such as this but the truth is, what Jesus replied back to Santa Claus happens in reality and it happens everytime. From all over the world people think that CHRISTMAS is all about Santa coming down from the chimney, finish off the cookie and milk on the table and leave a gift behind as he goes back up to the roof, take off and proceed to another house and do the same processs over and over again.

 Sadly, the true meaning of christmas is ignored. For the nth time, its our Savior Jesus Christ started this world-wide celebration in the first place. I hope, we all realize that.

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