Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Cool Change

Why are you mad when you don’t get what you want?
Hide yourself in a blanket and cry at night
Rumple good words and dispatch them too
Step on someone’s heart that’s what you do
Sparkling little toys gratify you
But you’re a blind man to see what others do
An easy-going person that’s what I see
Play games with destiny you will always be
Change is there waiting for you
Don’t let it loose ’coz you’ll regret it soon
Change is cool, but if you think not, you’re a fool
So better think deep and twice and use your mind’s tool
To see what you’ve become and who you are now
Slap yourself and know how
How to put the pieces back and make them frown
Before you fall to the sea, suffer and drown
I hope you’ve learned something from this
Though it’s short, but it has a kiss
A kiss of care to show my love
A love that’s clean and as white as a dove

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