Sunday, June 14, 2009

The "Reality" of reality TV shows Part II

I have been planning to write reviews about reality shows on TV and I have been saving my comments about each one I have in mind. There are existing shows that most may have gotten our vote to watch it and some that are not persuasive enough to capture our eyes. I am well aware that we all have different assesments relative to reality tv shows and our opinion differs from one another. Having said that, I might as well share my personal reviews about the shows I've seen so far and I have to say that I am not liking what I have seen in the long run. There are a few shows that show nothing but "DISRESPECT", there are some that inspire people and others are so exciting that I don't want to miss a single episode. Let me clear this one out for the last time that we should all respect each others opinion regarding this particular issue that I am writing about. If you disagree with my sentiments then you may drop your comment with utmost respect in mind and I am free to accept all of it.

This show could've have been the very first dating show that I find appealing but unfortunately it's number 1 in my "hate list". Let's start with the positive, the concept of giving the parents a chance to find the perfect partner for their son or daughter is a unique idea and it shows how important their sons and daughters are to them. The parents control is limited which is good. The only right they have when they're on the show is to select among the hopefuls the best that they believe is the right person for their son/daughter. The power of the parents end there once they're done picking their choice. Still, the power to make the final decision at the end of the show is their son/daughter. It's either they stay with his/her current relationship or replace him/her with the other one. I find this concept good enough for a dating show. The parents and the current partner sits on the couch together as they watch the aspirants prove that they deserve to kick the present partner out of the relationship. Sounds really exciting reading the process. So why do I hate this show so much??? This dating show utterly "disrespects". I was able to write down one of the conversations between the parents and the present partner while they're in the couch watching. This is not the real flow of the argument. I have just written down the statements that I found offensive.

Parent: "Your partying day is over"
Current partner: "You wish you were young again"

Parent: "I can see the fear in your face"
Current partner: "I can see how old you are"

Current partner: (insulted the hair of the contestant)
Parent: (The father disagreed and found the hair beautiful)
Current partner: "It's because you don't have one"

Current Partner: "SHUT UP!"

Parent: (Asked about "being ready" or something)
Current partner: "I'm ready for you to shut the hell up"

Parent: "Do you know where New Zealand is?"
Current partner: "Yeah, It's right next to 'old zealand' "

So, what do you say? They say MTV's Parental Control is scripted and I believe so too because of the sound and the way they converse with each other. However, scripted or not, still shows offense and disrespect right?? I mean you don't talk to parents like that. Even if you know they want you replaced still you don't have the right to cross the line. I'm sure the parents agreed to be disrespected in the show because if they don't want to then they shouldn't have joined the show in the first place. If the reason of the creators is just to add spice or to make the show more exciting then it's not working for me. Disrespecting is not exciting especially if you're disrespecting the people you also have in your life that carried you and raised you to become who you are right now. The words are too much.


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