Friday, June 12, 2009

The "REALITY" of reality shows

The entertainment industry gave birth to the early reality tv shows during the time of 1940-1950 one of which was Allen Funt's show Candid Camera which I guess the very first time people started to laugh in front of their TVs while sitting comfortably on the couch. It showcased ordinary people reacting to pranks which reflected the types of hilarious shows being flashed on our televisions nowadays. The evolution started as the entertainment people played with their creative ideas initiating the breadth of the entertainment tv as we can now classify as the talent, adventure, game, dating and comedy shows when we speak of reality tv. In the year 2000, the global society began to get hooked with the notable reality series on TV, "Survivor" and "American Idol" not to mention the other big names such as "Fear Factor", "Amazing Race", "America's Next Top Model", "Dancing with the stars", "Big Brother", "Project Runway", "Simple Life", "Wife Swap" and the "The Biggest Loser". I don't have the luxury of time to enumerate the others but needless to say a lot has been created already which some continues to battle each other to be the number one not to mention cooking shows such as "Top Chef", "Hell's Kitchen" and "Kitchen Nightmares" and dating shows such as "Parental Control", "Date my mom", "The Fith Wheel", "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette" to name a few which perhaps made it to your own list of favorites and game shows like the "Price is right", "Deal or no deal", "Are you smarter than a 5th grader" and a lot more. Honestly, I myself got interested to watch my personal handpicked shows as well that I even asked myself who labelled tv as an idiot box. A lot of these have easily made their way to be part of our lives because of the downright entertainment they lay down on the table. We want something to look forward to after work or school. We want to laugh at something, we want to vote for someone to win, we want to see someone go and we want to be excited at what's going to happen next. It kills us when we miss a single episode. I understand because I am nearly like you. Actually, we fully-embraced these kinds of shows that the industry continues to put up a bigger foundation to support them, too much amplification that even the young age group gets in the craze as well. On the contrary, as the progression continues my mind is already setting reasons why TV is also called an "idiot box" and I see the reasons everytime I turn on the tv. According to, reality shows are the top choice of children to watch and among the top 20 shows watched by the nation's youth, only seven were the usual scripted series. So what if these children are fond of watching reality shows?, you may ask. You know for a fact that what they see is what they do and one way of leading a child to the wrong road is to string along with them in watching influential shows that can turn them into a person you don't want them to be as they grow up. You might be asking, "Are you reading what you're writing?", yes I am. I know what I'm writing and yes I patronize most reality shows but it's not about me and it's not about you, it's all about the preys out there who are not well educated about what they see on TV. If they're not well educated, we can conclude that they might not be well-guided as well. I'm not blaming you parents and I'm not telling you what to do with your children but you know to yourself what's the right thing to do. I don't have to remind you of what you should do. Now you see my point, "reality show over-load". It's too much for the taking as far as the youth is concerned. I'm not even sure if the world is concerned about what I'm saying right now. I mean, the world continues to produce controlling materials, most adults tolerate and the ones suffering are those who don't even know what they're into, plus, technology keeps the ball rolling in advancement that shortens the bridge connecting the young minds to the cliff. In other words, everything is mostly accessible, now that we have the "Information super-highway" we can take ourselves wherever we want to go. I don't want to degrade the industry that continues to provide entertainment, what I want to point out are the effects of these materials to the young people who will grow up as adults like you and will take over the places of our leaders of today. Imagine what the future will be like, if these children continue to be poisoned and be surrounded by bad influences. It isn't difficult to see the future, right?

The video posted above is a song performed by simple plan entitled "Crazy" which adds to my explanation about the issue I just wrote about. Take time to watch the video if you haven't seen it and listen to the lyrics of the song. In the part two of this blog, I will give reviews about those reality shows that might have inspired people of any age group and those shows that mostly do nothing but poison the mind of the youth.

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