Thursday, June 11, 2009

Lessons of the Lenten Season

It started last week when people started to get serious again because of the lenten season. In some parts of the country some were able to numb themselves while nailed on the cross because they believe it’s their way of asking forgiveness from god, while others who are not brave enough stick to the usual of not eating meat throughout the holy week. Most people prayed and reflected. Personally, what I did during the holy week is just I read the bible and prayed. It doesn’t sound to be a sacrifice or anything, right??? Because I believe that you don’t have to think of something that can be hurtful to your body for forgiveness but I’m not saying I’m against those people who are physically hurting themselves, I respect your personal way of sacrifice. I have a question, does jesus want us to physically harm ourselves just to prove that we are sorry for our sins? or is it necessary to do it just to show that we are sincere in paying respect to the sacrifice Jesus made for us? Basically, Jesus knows if our actions come sincerely from the heart or not, whether we involve ourselves with physical sacrifices or we pray silently in a room. Well what I’m just trying to say is that we don’t have to get ourselves to agonizing activities just to show other people that we are sacrificing for God and we don’t have to show it to other people in the first place anyway. Come to think of it, Jesus wants sincere action coming from us like loving one another. That’s the greatest commandment. Or we should pray more often and meditate, right? Simple sacrifices such as not eating meat and many more will do for as long as its coming from the heart. Like what I’ve said before Jesus knows what’s inside the very depth of our hearts and there’s nothing to hide.

The greatest thing about the lenten season is we get to drive ourselves back to where it all started, where Jesus was being hit not just physically but verbally as well. I know a lot of you have seen the movie ”Passion of the Christ” where it showed the dramatic persecution of christ. People back then where stupid enough not to know that Jesus was the saviour of mankind and they were the ones who decided to nail Jesus on the cross but anyway enough of the blaming, at least I assume at this point in time the are aware already. As I was saying, the lenten season has been coming around a million times and I hope people are learning something as this tradition goes on. Well, I personally made my own “LESSONS OF THE LENTEN SEASON”. These are the lessons which I think we all should keep in our lives because its not merely sacrificing something for Jesus but for me there are lot sa lot sa reasons.

I know we are all aware about why Jesus sacrificed but I think most of us don’t care about it. Yeah it’s a fact that Jesus underwent all the suffering he needed to go through just to save us all from sin but the modern life we are living now keeps us away from empathizing Jesus. As far as I can see, we don’t put ourselves to his position to really understand what he’s up to why he did it. Well because he loves us very much. And most of you ignore it and I don’t know the reason why. We don’t care maybe because you want to see Jesus yourselves or you haven’t really gotten to yourself wherein you truly believe him and you’re still in the middle of studying or deciding whom or what to believe??? How do we ignore it??? Well one of which is by simply sticking to much with what the world is offering. We are so materialistic that we don’t care about Jesus and worst we don’t even care to anybody else around us. We ignore if we hurt somebody else’s feelings by our words, we lie, we cheat, we fight..etc.. These things are depriving us from being closer to God and I don’t know if you are aware of that or you are just pretending. Well, God gave you the gift of free will to decide your own life. These decisions will either make you or break you.
Well one of the good traits everybody lacks is being respectful to one another regardless of age and position in the society. This lenten season measures how much we respect those who are let’s say have a different view of sacrificing or repenting. Like what I’ve mentioned before, those who are nailing themselves on the cross. I told you that I don’t agree with that kind of activity but I didn’t curse them or told them to stop. I just voiced out my opinion about it but I sincerely respect their way of sacrificing. As we all know we are all different in many colorful ways, and we should respect it.
Since the lenten season reminds us of the sufferings of Christ, it sort of give a mirror and shows us how far we are in life with God. It reminds us of how many times we have put the lesson of Jesus in our lives or how many times we did good for other people. Personally, it is a starting point for us because looking back at Jesus situation it was the end of his life but it was a starting point for him because its another life after three days. As for us, the lenten season might cover us with sadness and sorrow but on the day of resurrection tells us to resurrect ourselves as well and move on with life in a more positive outlook with God.
And the last lesson is simply to be closer with God. I think I don’t have to elaborate it anymore, just by reading the phrase tells you what it wants to say.

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